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Customer Testimonials

***** 2012-05-05

  I forgot how wonderful it is to have a lovely hands!! Thanks for reminding me, I 'll be back soon!!


***** 2012-03-22

  I have been going to Ladyfingers since they opened on Grand Avenue. The best service, clean environment and friendly people ever! They always accommodate me, even last minute appointments. Gift certificates are a staple for me, and I have even treated some of my staff to them as a thank you for a job well done.

Kathy V.

Excellent Job
I have been going here for 18 years. Most of the clients are long term loyal customers. They do an excellent job, remember your preferences, are careful and thorough. I travel a lot and have yet to find such quality in other cities and places.Excellent work
j n.

Best manicure service
I have visited the ladyfingers once when i got the gift card from my friend.The staff here is very professional.Even the ambience is very professional yet relaxing.The staff never utter a single word unnecessarily.Though a bit expensive atleast for me i was very much satisfied after visiting them. I would definitely go there when theres special occasion.
PROS: Professional staff
CONS: None
Lakshmi P

***** Clean and consistent

Only slightly more expensive than most strip mall places, but still waaaay less than an Aveda spa or the like. Mike (owner) always does an excellent job. Knows all his regulars by name and inquires about your pets and family...I always love going here.

PROS: Hi quality manicures, friendly staff
CONS: need to make an appt - too popular for walk-ins

Kritin D.